Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where Does Inspiration Strike?

I know I usually get randomly inspired just about anywhere and from just about anything; from a word, phrase, picture, place, person etc.

But where is the place you go when you really need to think? A place where thoughts just cascade out? Is it your office, the bathroom, your backyard, the local coffee shop?

For me it's the shower. I know random, but when I'm in the nice, hot shower thoughts flow out and while I'm shampooing my hair I start thinking about my plot and what I need to write next and how to improve it. Anyone have an interesting place where ideas are molded and shaped to work with the plot?

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Visual Lullaby said...

Lying in bed when I should be going to sleep... no matter how tired I am, the minute I lay down, thoughts start pouring out. When I still lived at home and my parents enforced a bedtime, I used to sneak into the bathroom with a notebook and spend an hour or two writing. They always just assumed I wasn't feeling well :) Oh, and walking through the woods without fail will bring something.