Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nervous? So Am I

So an agent has my full manuscript right now. It hasn't even been two weeks and yet I'm still getting nervous. I know I can't do anything about it now that I've sent it out. Honestly, I feel like I missed something, like maybe I should've done more with my plot etc. Then again a fellow writer and I were working on corrections and tension in the plot for almost two months before I sent it, so perhaps I am overreacting. Though the manuscript waiting feels a bit overwhelming. Anyone else in the same boat?


Visual Lullaby said...

No, but that's because I threw out my novels 7 years ago and haven't had the guts to start them again. Kudos on your courage--it'll bring you good news, no doubt! Keep us informed!

Amber said...

I wish I were in your position. But I think you know that already with my eagerness to start querying.

I would be nervous if I were you too. You finally get to the part where an agent asks for a full, and I don't think most authors get requests for a lot of fulls in the first place.

I hope you land an agent soon though. That would be so awesome.

Elizabeth said...

Haha thanks guys! And yes Amber I know lol you are definitely eager. Don't worry though. I'm reading Ch.4 of your novel right now. :] And really there is nothing much to add to this chapter.

Visual Lulliby-really 7 novels?? Why not try again??

Visual Lullaby said...

No, 3 novels I destroyed 7 years ago... and what's stopping me now? Baby, school, and work. But hey, I can still dream!