Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When to Drop a Hint or Introduce a Character

I've been doing some beta reading and editing for a fellow writer and I've noticed that knowing where to drop a hint or introduce a character is crucial. Truly, the world the writer has created is definitely interesting and they write very well, but they just need to see where to drop the hint, which really isn't a big deal. No major revisions required, just tweaking here and there.

Here's a tip or two.

One: Make sure the stakes are high. Don't hold off until the end of the novel to have us gripping the edge of our seat. Give the reader something to chew on early on and please make sure it makes sense. Ex: Someone shouldn't want someone dead just because they kicked over a lawn gnome. Make sure its plausible. Your reason may be plausible but the way you present it may not make it sound like it is. Keep that in mind.

Two: If you have a character who is important to the story, try to introduce them closer to the chapter where he/she becomes important. Don't introduce them in chapter two and expect us to remember much about them in chapter nine. If they don't tie in yet to the main character then try introducing them later.

Hope this is helpful. Happy Writing!


Amber said...

That writer is totally me, but she's doing a fabulous job. :P

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! Didn't want to allude that it was you or anything lol.