Friday, November 6, 2009

Love Plots 2

I think I'm going to take a fellow writer's advice and stop fighting my characters on who I want to end up with whom. In her words she said to let the characters tell the story, because let's face it they are the driving force. They are why readers even care. So I guess when one declares his love for my witch girl, I'd better listen...

Thing is...who loves her the most?

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Aunt Alina said...

No, no no.
Sure your characters come alive in your head, but you are driving. If you don't know what to do with them next, that's OK, set it all aside. It's not time yet to solve the issue of who goes off into the sunset with whom. One day, you'll something, experience something and you'll see how that scenario fits perfectly in your will inspire you and your characters...and you'll just know that's what should happen with Crystal. Or you'll fall madly in love with a character and that will help you decide. It's not all supposed to be resolved today.
Enjoy the writing. And pay attetion to everything around you.