Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello All!

Well, this is my first blog post. I suppose I should probably tell you about myself. Well, my name is Elizabeth and I am an aspiring writer. I am also a freshman in college and a Creative Writing Major. I have completed a YA fantasy novel, which I just sent off to an agent today! *SQUEAL* I'm giddy! I'm also working on a YA romance, a YA urban fantasy, and am trying my hand at a Middle Grade (MG) fantasy. :]

I'm also an artist, hence the picture at the top of my blog :] Sadly, I couldn't seem to get the format right, but I'll keep trying.

Basically, this blog will be about writing, especially for young adults (YA), anything to do with the YA genre (as in book reviews, interviews and more), and anything that pops into my head really. Comments are always appreciated. Feel free to stop by read, comment, or just chat. I'm always interested in meeting fellow writers. :]

Happy Writing!



Visual Lullaby said...

Heyya! Awesome to see you've started a blog! You should note Damian and have him add it to the VS Toolbar!

Amber said...

Heya! It's totally me, Amber...or Talkatoast...whatever you want to call me. I'm following you!

Amber Forbes said...

It is from Witch Tourniquet! Anyway, once I get around to it (I've only been able to slush like one story in several days), I'll ask them if they're looking for anymore people. I'm thinking that we should get one more person because the editor has been inactive because of a death in the family, so only me and one other person have reported back, and I know the senior editor wanted the stories done in two weeks. Yeah...not possible.