Monday, August 9, 2010

The Dreaded Synopsis--To My Fellow Writers

Ah, the synopsis.

Sure, after sitting down to write that cursed query, which makes us compress our story into one or two teaser paragraphs, forces us to forget subplots, and drives us absolutely insane with draft after draft, we finally get the chance to write the full story for the synopsis, instead of those two limiting paragraphs.

And then we realize----The Cursed Query has NOTHING on The Dreaded Synopsis.

Even now the damn thing is haunting me and I'm on the 4th draft or so...I've pretty much lost count. All I can say is I know how you feel.

It starts off fine, you think, "Hey, I've got this." And then you realize you passed the one page mark three pages ago.

Be concise--bare bones--yet keep it interesting with a hook.

Over time this website has helped me. It isn't perfect and a lot of the real synopsis examples are of romances, but they have helped.

Do with this site what you wish--hopefully it helps.

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