Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chapter and Picture Books?

I swear, I was going through old books I used to read as a kid like those Animal Ark books and I ran across a picture book that had me as a main character lol. It was bound and everything but I'm pretty sure it was done by some friends of my parents years ago. I must have been one or two years old back then. Lol, somehow I saved the world from aliens?

I sat there, pulling book after book out of this box. All these Animal Ark stories and I remembered just about all of them. Is it a bad thing I'm planning on taking at least three back to college with me for "research purposes". :)

Seeing all these books that I absolutely LOVED to read made me realize how much I would like to try to write for the younger readers in terms of chapter books and maybe a picture book or two. I already have a character in mind from a MG, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good sources for learning about chapter books. If you do, feel free to leave a comment or link :)

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DLCurran said...

I'd keep an eye out for authors in the genre.

Caroline Starr Rose might be able to steer you toward great research - as she writes MG (debut novel MAY B - release date Sep 2011) and picture books. I met her (online) through an interview and have to say she's a very generous soul. Anyhow, she might have something to help you. Good luck.