Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guide to Literary Agents

I would just LOVE to recommend this site to anyone who has yet to take a look! Guide t0 Literary Agents Blog

It is full of helpful tips. Interesting feedback on real queries and why they worked. Word Counts for just about every genre. Q&A's with agents. Also Agent Alerts that let you know when a new agent has joined an agency (please note new agents are building up their client list...good for first time writers :) )

And loads of other stuff. It's hosted by Chuck Sambuchino the editor of Guide to Literary Agents.

Chuck also set up on the left hands side certain categories you can click if you're only interested in a certain thing like for example Successful Queries, or Children's, Christian etc.

Hope those of you who haven't seen this site check it out---it's one of my absolute favs and the one I actually follow habitually! ;)


Visual Lullaby said...

Sweet! Good to know! Thanks, Elizabeth! See, aren't you glad you started posting to your blog again? I sure am! ;)

Elizabeth Prats said...

Haha yes yes. Glad I can be helpful. Personally, I think my next one may be a rant about how much I hate my query..lol

Dan Kent said...

Hi Liz - great blog - so informative! I visited the Literary Agents blog and found it very interesting (you never know..)

Love your post about MG too (though it took a little while for me to figure out what MG was - I had to read back. I'll pretend I'm tired. Then I saw it in the header - how embarrassing!) Reading about writing is one of my favorite things, so I'm glad you're here, and I'm pleased to follow.

So..has anyone ever called you Dr.D? :)

Elizabeth Prats said...

Lol glad you found my posts helpful Kent. They are sparse but hey at least they're helpful, right? Haha and yes MG is middle grade--for ages 8-14 or so.

Lol and nope Dr.D is a first..hah

You should definitely check out Guide to Literary Agents, especially, if you're thinking about illustrating children's books. You could always snag an agent for illustrating and later show them a manuscript, whatever you prefer.

Good luck!