Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meyer Accused of Plagiarism

Wow, I was reading an article on Publishers Weekly, which stated that Stephenie Meyer had been sued by the author of The Nocturne, Jordan Scott, for similarities between her novel and Breaking Dawn. In the end the judge ruled in favor of Meyer.

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I'm sure similarities can be found in many novels. In case none of you have ever read this, but most plots have all been done. What makes them original is the twist and spin you give them. Anyone notice the Twilight Saga's similarity to Romeo and Juliet? Star crossed lovers type theme? All book and movies have similarities to one another. If you really nitpick I'm sure you can find plenty. Any one have any thoughts on the matter?


Rebecca Knight said...

Crazy :P. It's so true that there are no new stories, only new tellings.

Elizabeth said...

Yes for sure! It's one of the first things I learned in high school creative writing! lol