Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Classics Turned Into Comics?

I was reading a Publishers Weekly article about Classic books like Pride and Prejudice, Macbeth, and Beowulf being turned into comics in order to "promote literacy". I wonder, is this helpful to those reluctant readers? In all honesty I have yet to read any of these novels. Although, next semester I will be reading Beowulf in English Lit class, but I'll admit I'm curious and the thought of reading a classic in comic form sounds appealing. I'll also admit that I've never considered classics as leisure reading...probably a bad thing since I'm a writer. Any one have an opinion on the subject?


Melissa said...

As far as I'm concerned, whatever gets kids reading is okay in my book.

PS - I read Beowulf in my high school AP English class and really enjoyed it. You'll have to read Grendel as a follow-up. ;-)

Amber said...

It might promote literacy, but I thought Jane Austen was a terrible writer. Turning her book into a comic isn't going to make me read Pride and Prejudice again because I know how awful and dry that book was. A comic isn't going to suddenly make it more interesting.

Beowulf was pretty cool. I had to read that for AP Senior Lit.

I rarely read classics as leisure reading either. I've read some for leisure, like Alice in Wonderland, Of Mice and Men, and some other book I can't remember the name of, but a lot of classics require more time than one has to really figure them out. Plus, I hate how tiny they make the text in those books. It takes me like an hour to read thirty pages!

Elizabeth Prats said...

AMBER--Yeah, I don't think Classics are much for leisure reading, at least not for people our age. I'm curious though how accurate these comics will be? Will they use the same words the authors did or will the story take shape in another direction? I'm curious.

MELISSA--Everyone tells me that was a great read so hopefully I'll enjoy it! Haha I may cheat a little will Spark Notes if need be.