Thursday, April 7, 2011

Torn Between Two Industries & a Swarm of Bees

So today's post is going in a different direction. See I've recently been interning at an advertising agency handling the social media, which includes, yup, you guessed it--blog writing. I'm finding myself torn between two industries: Advertising/Public Relations and the Publishing Industry. So where does a college student turn to? The route that promises you a stable job and hopefully, security or should they take the route that promises rejection and hardship, but where the benefits are even sweeter. Yeah, I want both. You constantly hear writers talk about what if they could quit their day job and just write? That sounds all fun and dandy, but knowing me, I'd be bored. Only an hour or three would be spent writing. What else is there to do for the rest of the day? Besides, the people you meet outside are the best for providing story ideas. Just yesterday, I was in Subway and a cop asked me if I was coming or going from class. I said, both. Then I mentioned that my next class was fiction writing and I was a writer. We had a few laughs and then I left to eat outside. Later, I bumped into him again. He asked, "So will you write me into one of your stories?" (His name..I think..was Eric) I shrugged and laughed--ya know that awkward it-doesn't-work-that-way smile. His response, "I could just arrest you." Um, okay, dude.... My awkward smile returned. His face was dead serious. (I hoped he was kidding) Oh and please note, just down the sidewalk a swarm of bees was, well, swarming. This was a random occurance during my day, and yet, who knows maybe I'll write about a swarm of bees, a girl, and a cop who threatens to arrest her, ya never know. What I'm trying to say is. Why can't we just have it both ways?

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