Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking Things Way Too Far

Some people just take things way too far. I'll admit the Internet is where one can speak freely about their opinion, but damn was this post hard to ignore.

I don't mind listening to someone's honest opinion, but when you belittle the choices of others you come off quite ignorant. This guy, Joe Konrath, basically insults those who pursue traditional publishing. Because we don't have million dollar contracts, apparently, we are wasting our time. At least if we self-published we could make some money. Are you kidding me?

This I do not agree with. Yes, self-publishing is growing and yes it is the right path for some to take, but the bottom line is IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Insulting those who choose the usual route is like me saying those who self-publish are idiots. I understand why some, especially those with non-fiction publish, but for others like some of us fiction writers traditional publishing seems like the better route. It's a matter of choice. I think people should be RESPECTFUL of others choices.

One of his most laughable statements: "Here's the simple math. If your book sucks, you'll never get a legacy deal, but you'll sell at least a few copies by self-pubbing."

Alright, so he doesn't mind publishing crappy work? Maybe this is just me, but as a writer I want to write something people will enjoy, something that'll brighten their day, and move their hearts in ways we never thought we could. Why publish shit and make a quick buck? The publishing industry is in no way easy to break into. I'm still trying. I'm shopping around a second manuscript. Looking back on my first am I glad no one published it? YES. I love the characters and one day I will go back to it, BUT it was my first and a royal mess. Sometimes stories are rejected due to bad timing, but other times it's just not ready, no matter how much we wish it were.

Look, whatever route one chooses to take to publication I commend them, but DON'T belittle those who make a different choice than you. It's ignorant and quite foolish. This coming from a nineteen-year-old. It's sad how close minded some people can be.

Anyway, I wish you all luck in your publishing endeavors whether they are traditional or self-publishing. We aren't enemies here.



Charmaine Clancy said...

Yes, I've noticed a lot of posts lately that sway towards only one avenue of publishing, when really there are different methods that can be successful. It's a matter of finding which one suits your needs.
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Elizabeth Prats said...

Exactly! Like some non-fiction is so niche oriented that self-publishing makes sense. Could be too small a niche for larger publishers. For some it just works yet for others like myself it doesn't. You just never know. Thanks for the comment!