Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Do I Get a Job Nowadays? Even an Internship for That Matter?

Hello all!

I've had some great internship opportunities because I've had some wonderful people give me advice from the cover letter to the resume to the interview or even how to go about looking for one. I must say my major is quite intent on making sure we intern as much as we can, (AD/PR) while my other major, English, has no intention of getting one to intern unless it is the school's literary magazine.

There is one thing everyone should remember. The job prospects out there are shit. Sorry! I've heard it again and again. Seen it. The number one thing we can do to make ourselves more desirable to employers is gain experience. It's that simple, but has anyone noticed that most job postings (for entry-level positions, I might add) state one to two years experience or at least one year's experience. It's like how on earth can we have that experience if this is our first job? Well, an internship or a few could help us plenty in the long-run.

Here's a compilation of some great article's I've found helpful recently:

This one doesn't exactly fit into the realm of getting a job, but it tells you what companies will reimburse you for a masters, well at least some of the masters, which is much better than nothing :) On a side note, I've recently discovered the Classy Career Girl Blog. It rocks!

Please do check out the rest of what these sites have to offer, especially Classy Career Girl and the Levo League. These were just a select few of articles I found helpful, they actually have a ton!

Hope this helps with your job and internship search needs!

Elizabeth <3


Jenna Cooper said...

I have a year and a half until graduation, so this is really helpful and scary. Scary because I can't believe I'm an adult and will have to go out and get a job pretty soon! Thanks for these tips!

Elizabeth Prats said...
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Elizabeth Prats said...

Hey Jenna! I have about the same amount of time left. I saw you're a Creative Writing major! Cool! That's my second major. :) Hope this helps ya--those sites are great resources, at least I've found. Are you planning on working at a publishing house?

Catherine Stine said...

Internships are a great way to ease into a paying job. BTW, love your artwork, Elizabeth. And I like the title of your story, Crystal Milk.

Elizabeth Prats said...

Aw thanks Catherine! :) And actually Crystal Milk is the novel I'm revising and would one day like to do a few illustrations for.