Saturday, May 14, 2011

Internship Advice: Ask Questions

Well, I've started my first public relations internship. I do like it, but as an intern I'm doing a lot of the grunt and base work. So I've begun to wonder after this work is done, what happens to it? What is the end result? What is it the actual PR specialists do with it? Here's an example, I wrote a press release for a restaurant and its new menu and catering/delivery options, but I don't know if it has been sent out yet or not.

What I'm learning is questions are your friends. If you're curious about something, why not ask? Just the other day I asked one of my "bosses" why they chose PR. Turns out they also had an interest in advertising and were themselves a recent graduate from college. PR was just the first opportunity offered and she's ended up loving it. Sometimes we think of our "bosses" as these people so high up we can barely reach them, but they were just like us once. I bet you will learn a lot from their experience and advice because they have been in our position before. So just ask. Questions are your friends and a sign that you are truly interested and hungry to learn.



P.S. I made that picture senior year of high school for my english teacher's picture book...I just thought I'd post something cute :)

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