Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Writer's Block--How to Fight it??

Hello lovelies!

Ah I've missed you all and I'm hoping the feeling is mutual :] So I have had some tough writer's block issues the last 2 and a half months! Yikes! I've decided that at some point you just have to grit your teeth and wade through it. I honestly don't feel like writing, but I'm truly missing it. I want us to open up the discussion on writer's block and what you all do when it strikes. Personally, it's partially because I need help and I'm sure many other writers out there must be going through the same thing.

So tell me, how the hell do you get rid of writer's block?


Melissa said...

Personally, I drink a beer or two. LOL! But that doesn't work for everyone, I'm sure. ;-)

Elizabeth Prats said...

Well technically I'm not of age for that ;] lol

Melissa said...

Then you didn't hear that from me! (and I would NEVER condone underage drinking - seriously - it's really not even that good anyway) :-D

Elizabeth Prats said...

Lol and you said that with a happy face lol