Monday, January 4, 2010

Teen Slang in Books

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First of all, sorry I haven't been on lately. I just have been busy, I guess. The New Year didn't exactly turn out as planned but I do hope you all had a better time! Wish you all happiness in 2010! :D

Anyway, so for those tempted to give writing for the YA genre a try stop and please please don't forget about voice. A character's voice should sound authentic. Constantly trying to use slang is just...well annoying.
EX: "Oh my god! Dude, no freaking way! It's like totally rocking, for sure!"

That's just way too much slang for a teen to believe. (Although, I'll admit. I have used, "Dude, no freaking way!" but only for really shocking things... :]
Remember that slang can easily go out of style as quickly as it came. Anyone remember buying your kids those $50 Razor scooters? They are about $10 bucks now and a fad that came and went quickly. That is how slang is so try to refrain from littering your manuscript with slang even teenagers can't decipher.

Also using slang from your childhood=rejection. Teens will put the book down. I know I would.

Too much slang in general sounds cheesy and annoying so use it sparingly. You're usually pretty safe with "dude", but make sure to take into account who your character is. Sorry a preppy girl would never say dude. Rocker chic...hell yes. Get it? Keep the slang to a minimum if you want a shot in the genre.

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