Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Trailer for Obsidian!

You all have seen my love for Obsidian grow.

My lil fangirl screams. (Well, maybe you hadn't heard those)

But you so saw the pictures from when I met the models and Jen Armentrout herself (so nice!).

And now, the book trailer for the book that has become one of my top favs for 2012:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blogger Awards!

The super awesome Kelly Hashaway has given me TWO blog awards! YAYYYY :)

I must tell you seven things about myself:

1. I broke my nose once. On a cruise ship, the same night I had to wear a cocktail dress to a dinner party.
2. I'm one of four children.
3. I love eating fish and I used to love keeping them. Yup, I bred guppies as a kid. 
4. I've written 3 novel (2 YA and 1 MG).
5. I've been an artist since 2nd grade.
6. I'm lactose intolerant *tears* milk=goodness
7. I'm a first generation Cuban to be born in the US and third generation to go to college.

And now I must return the favor to seven other blogs:

LM Preston I always enjoy your movie reviews :)

Sarah Negovetich, you've been awesome at posting every day as of late--keep it up! :)

Tara Gallina So I just realized I thought your last name was Gallini...yup. ;) On a side note--you've got ridiculous drafting skills!

Laura Donovan B/c I stumbled upon your blog and was entertained for hours about NYC, your interesting living situation (yes, I read the post about your terrible lock in Brooklyn) and you turned out to be pretty cool! :D

Yeah, I'm gunna do a cop out because my Writerly Rejects pals Nazarea Andrews and Auzy Osborne devote their awesome skills and time to our blog I thought it was only right to give the award to them too!

Ednah Walters because I love your redheaded mermaid looking person on your header and because you're post on writing 100k in a month inspired me to jump start and get my latest novel done quickly!

G. Donald Cribbs--because you hosted such an awesome contest! (And I WON!!) lol

Also winners for our Writerly Rejects Blog Contest will be announced Friday! :) Oh and check out our interview with the agent, Claire Anderson-Wheeler.